Mellow Mike Metaphor


For my project, I used a pack of Twizzlers and Laffy Taffy candy to form my name as well as relate to my love of sweets. The Twizzlers were excellent with their elasticity and bending capabilities, as it reflected my ability to adapt myself. The red coloring bleeding onto the backdrop also represented my mellow personality, as it slowly oozes onto the page, just as blood so calmly does. It represents calm laziness, as well as prominence with it’s bold color. What could be perceived as slowness is actually the flow going at its own, comfortable pace. The taffy spreads out naturally as the heat increases, just as I spread influence everywhere I go by just being the person I am, nothing extra. Noticeably, there is a burn mark on the end of the “E”. It is indeed an error. Not all things in life, especially my own, are sweet. There is no such thing as perfection, and we all have flaws in our positives, yet it does not disrupt the overall flow of the piece. However, I did feel it necessary to correct it in the Photoshop version.

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