Foundations Journal 4


Michael White



Foundations Journal #4
In terms of time management, I held over rather well for the first two days, mostly due to the lack of a large workload. On Monday, I only had the still lifes of the chair and the wooden piece to work on, and it was not due until Wednesday. Because of this, I put it off until later and focused on getting proper rest. I started my first still life around 1:30-2:00 pm, and worked on it until 3:30 due to Cross Country practice at 4. After practice and dinner, I returned to my work at the studio at approximately 7:00. Unfortunately, due to a distracting influence from others who were more progressed with their work than I was, as well as my easel position being taken at some points, I often took breaks from my work. Not only that, but my overall skill with the still lifes in general were sub-par at best; I constantly restarted and did not have an eraser. Due to this, I stayed up until 4:15 Wednesday morning working on my still lifes. Later that day, from around 3:50 to 4:20, I did work in the Plotter Room, printing out the project that Sandy had yet to critique due to the long wait I had for access to the Plotter Room. On Thursday, I spent 2 hours in Computer Animation 1 working on a landscape for Larry’s class. On Thursday night, from 8-11 pm, I pondered on what song I would choose for my Survey of Animation assignment, and spent time on my English Comp narrative. Unfortunately, I fell asleep after only completing half of a page out of a four page narrative. I had no time to work on it in the morning and early afternoon due to work, so I crammed it in from 2-3 pm, and successfully completed it. From 3-4 pm, I finalized my ideas for my Survey project, and finished my work for the week.

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