TED Talk Response

Michael White

Response to:

Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

When you make a product of any sorts one of the main question producers ask themselves is “How do I get people to buy this product?” and most of the time the answer is “Show the statistics of the product and how better is it than the competitors.” Simon Sinek not only debunks that in this TED talk but shows a pattern that successful companies have used to sell their products and became the successful company they are today.

What, How, and Why is what Sinek says are the 3 parts that companies go through when selling a product. What- What are you making/doing, How- How are you making/doing it, and Why- Why are you making/doing it. Sinek says companies will go What, How, and Why and that is why their products fail, he says when a company does the reverse and goes Why, How, and What instead that will make a product more likely to be successful than when the reverse is done. According to Sinek the human brain may run mostly on thought, but at its core it runs on instinct when making decisions. You ever get that weird gut feeling when making a decision that you aren’t sure about that makes you say “It doesn’t feel right”? That’s the part of your brain that runs on instinct telling you that this thin you are deciding may not work out the way you want it too and you should instead avoid. When a company goes from What, to How, to Why it makes the human brain feel un-easy about a product since it feels more like they just want your money and not to give you an item that will last and not want to buy it, but when the company goes from Why, to How, to What it makes the human brain become more attracted to the idea of owning a product that the makers were so passionate about when making it and want to share it with the world. It isn’t just with products either and can work with things like public speaking, teaching, and even when talking with a friends.

Arguably everyone works off the “What, How, Why” format when doing anything, and for the most part working with that format in the reverse can make anything you do even better than it would be when going with the normal format. As for myself, I haven’t quite gotten down my “Why” or even my “What” for that matter, which makes finding the “How” impossible. Being a DMA student right now at least gives me a “Why, How, and What” to work with, I want to find out what direction I want to take my life and what I am destined to do with said life, I am taking the time to make sure I get all my work done on time and with as much polish as I can manage to give it, and I am a DMA student at Alfred state college.

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