Write Up Project 5

mw deep face

For this endeavor, my design was simply my face on the left end of the image with the word “Oh” on the left bottom, overlapping the majority of my body. The size of the letter “O” is meant to represent a breath taker, as it is a very prominent letter in the human vocabulary in comparison to the smaller “h”. It provides balance in the project as well as in the mind and throat of the viewer. The O motion is also made with the mouth when one speaks the word, and upon experimentation, was the first thing other people said upon viewing my creation. The letter “h” in particular unites the head with my non-visible body, giving a sense of connectivity and behaving well as a fill in for my shoulder. The phrase itself is meant to match the expression on my face. My expression is rather blank and distant compared with the high contrast consuming the image. It does not appear that much is being said, but the scale change makes the art powerful.

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