Gallery Write Up 10-26-25

Last Friday, I visited the latest Gallery at Alfred University. Upon arrival, I began to study the various works of art up on display. With further inspection, the minute details of each piece started to grab my attention. As a person who tends to think outside of the box, these pieces related to my way of thinking more than any other model. Due to this, I chose them in particular, and grew to like them.

Gallery 3 10-23

The first work of art that I stumbled upon was the elongated body suit. It called out to me in comparison to the other body suits due to it’s differences between them. The others were basic with their designs, such as Batman or Captain America. This one however, captured my attention with it’s form as well as it’s colors. This suit in particular has stitching akin to a layer of socks, different to what seems to be stitched boots on the other suits, which caught the lower half of my peripheral vision. Furthermore, the collage of colors stand out significantly and bring contrast and depth to the fabric.

Gallery 2 10-23

Secondly, this piece spoke out to me, as when I saw it, my initial reaction was “Its a lobster!”. The strings leading off of the red structures led me to believe so, as the feelers on the lobster look similar. Additionally, the red structures remind me of a lobster’s claws, reaching out and grabbing my attention, both physically and mentally; red is a prominent color and my favorite. The way the red structures are positioned provide a sense of overlapping and depth, and balance the piece as a whole by giving the illusion of a closed “cave” like structure.

Gallery 1 10-23

When I first saw this image, I became confused due to seeing many different things. Among the things I saw include a car being bent out of shape, a model posing on the side of the car, and a high heeled shoe cutting the car in half. This enigma caught me off guard as I did not expect to see such different things in a rather straightforward work of art. Due to this, I saw many different depths and image perspectives. It also interested me as it resembles boldness in a bland setting, something I can relate to.

In conclusion, I saw many different aspects from the items displayed at the gallery. They boggled my mind, encouraged my thinking, and were overall different. They were not typical works of art in my eye, and due to this they all stood out in their own distinct ways. This gallery was surely an interesting and thought-provoking one.

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