Glitch Animation Report


Michael White

Research Paper

Among glitch artists, Phillip Stearns is a cut above the rest. In some of his works, his theme is to have the focus of the image lose its prominence due to the digital aspects of the photo. This is so the viewer will be able to enhance their perspective on the image as a whole and broaden their view. Stearns uses layering and cells to create blends with different colors on different fields and mediums. Upon these fields, chemicals such as bleach and rubbing alcohol are used for the coloring, while 15,000 volts electricity are used to make the coloration spread wildly, appearing almost like television static.

The work seems to represent disorder and imbibes the viewer with vivid images. It is more of a formal process rather than political, as the art does not attempt to convey any clear message as a political form of art would. This is due to the lack of full control that artists using this method have, as the pattern of the coloration upon contact with the electricity can vary. The art simply represents what it comes out to be. This art is used as it is less straightforward, even more so than abstraction, as it is not even trying to not try to be something.

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