Michael White Journal 10 Bio-Animal

Bio Animal

The animal I chose is the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea). One enhancement it received is a metallic plate shell, obtained at birth. This is in order to protect it from birds that attack it while on the beach, as it will repel their attacks. The blades on it’s fins are to cut through nets set by hunters and fishermen, as turtles typically get caught in fish nets and remain in them too long, resulting in them not being able to surface for air at their leisure and drowning. On it’s back lies a cannon. This cannon has two properties. It can take the freshwater stored in it’s body (an actual sea turtle trait) and release it at high pressures as an offensive measure. The other property is releasing smelly toxins from it’s body as gas, repelling humans that can trample over them on beaches. Sea turtles can grow to be six feet in length and weigh in at 1,500 pounds. Their large flippers allow them to travel at over 25 miles per hour in water, and their diet primarily consists of jellyfish. Sea turtles tend to lay their eggs on beaches, which puts the newborns at risk of being killed by seagulls and humans. Turtles are also considered a delicacy, and for these reasons, they are nearing extinction.

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