Michael White Mask Re Upload

mask drawing


From my personal perspective, I believe my art has taken many twists and turns through its development over the course of the semester. Initially, I stunned myself with my art, as the materials which were required to be used yielded results I never knew I was capable of. The transition from basic pen and paper to examples such as charcoal and Bristol pad provided me vast knowledge on how much potential an artist, any artist can have with the correct given material. My self portrait, although not as up-to-par as the works around it, showed how much my potential can grow, making it a huge leap forward. I continued to do so with the following projects, surprising myself with what I can do. The following leaps tended to be smaller in comparison, and for some time, I saw little to no progress in my later works. There was doubt in my mind as to if I could improve further. The combination of ebony pencil and Bristol pad erased the negative thoughts clouding my mind, and it was there where I felt my talents truly shined. I finally felt true pride in my work, as I spent the entire weekend working on my Biomorphic Turtle, and from that point onward I realized that although one may not realize it, the work will end up being better the more time you spend on it. It will come naturally, and even once you finish, you have time to polish your work to further enhance quality. My art may not be what I expected from myself, but because it is my own I believe it grabs interest. I’m not the average person, so as long as it matches myself, I’m good.

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