Michael White’s Phenakistoscope



I learned a great deal when drawing my phenakistoscope. It is very difficult to draw a gif by hand due to the fact that we have no reference frame for the frame following it. The moving images must be as fluid as possible, and as a result we must be very careful in order to have the objects in the phenakistoscope look as if they were directly in the spot that they were prior. It does take significantly longer to make an animation in this process, and brings back recollections of animators such as Ub Iwerks and the Fleischers, who had to work in similar fashions. It is a major stepping stone for an animator to complete a project using this method, but it does improve the overall perception of the artist and help the mind visualize moving pictures better than any other method. Also, the basis of the phenakistoscope is performing artist Drake dancing in his music video “Hotline Bling”.

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