2016 Journal 1

I want to broaden my artistic vision. I want to be able to critique work and perfectly analyze the pros and cons of a piece. Additionally, I want to know the value my work has in the present era. I am a person who tends to either cling to the past or move on as fast as possible, so I want my work to be known as valuable in the now. For my journal drawings, I want to expand my collection of references in character design and body traits, so I can not only learn different styles, but perfect them as well. This is all part of a major process that I hope will impress myself. I want to “wow” myself with each new piece I make, and by doing so in my journal, it will be my key to more success. A vow I am making is to improve my drawings of people with different facial structures. During my work shifts at EverGreen, some of my co-workers use pieces of receipt and draw on the backs of them. I can use this method to capture the various students I see in SLC. Although my work shift is late at night when traffic dies out, I feel that enough people will pass by that I will be able to build up a vast collection of people’s faces throughout the school year. A quota of 3 people who catch my interest per shift will suffice.

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