Origami Write Up

For this project, I sought many ideas for inspiration and hoped to incorporate as many different elements as possible while at the same time having them convey an overall theme. I found my ideas in the medias of Teen Titans, when character Beast Boy made an origami turtle reflecting his steady and calm attitude, similar to my own life philosophy. The series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which incorporates many Chinese elements and ideals, involves manipulation of elements of nature, including earth, fire, air, and water. Among them, water happens to be my Zodiac element, considering my sign is a Cancer. As a Cancer, my nature is calm and easygoing, similar to many aquatic creatures. With the symbol for Cancer being a crab, I not only wanted to convey a creature that was unique in it’s own right compared to everyone else’s creations, but also to represent a portion of myself. Furthermore, the steady pace of this project allowed me to feel myself, and matched the creature I attempted to create. For this reason, I enjoyed this project substantially more than most others.

The backstory for my “robotic” crab is that by the 25th century, crabs have evolved in intelligence rapidly due to water radiation and pollution, altering their minds to create, but with the trash influence inducing impure thoughts. They have salvaged human technology and bioengineered those who have not caught up in the evolution process to become enslaved crab soldiers. The purpose of these soldiers is to outnumber the humans and become the dominant race on earth. As the crab people have been planning their assault for many years, they will epitomize their “slow and steady” way of movement. Once successful, the oceans and lands will switch roles, and “new” civilization will ensue.

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