Comic Creation Story: Hawaiian

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For my creation story, I chose the Hawaiian culture’s perspective on how existence came to be. Their views are akin to that of evolution in many but not all aspects. Evolution began as simple organisms in the ocean, followed by more advanced sea life. As time passed, creatures began adapting to life on land for sustenance and opportunity, eventually growing larger and more powerful, ready to confront the world. They believed that these events transpired over the course of a single night into the early daytime hours, alluding to the the literal “dawn” of man.

As for my art style, Hawaiian art tends to have extremely vibrant colors and a lack of strong lines. Due to this, in the colored version, I have the bright colors overlapping the lines. Additionally, due to the focus on color, the shapes themselves tend to lack complication in structure and form. I chose using simplicity and abstraction for the shapes to cater to the simple story being conveyed as well. Symbols are seen inside of some of the creatures as a nod to the ancient art used to represent them.

The reason behind my decision to showcase the Hawaiian culture is simple: I chose my culture completely at random. Although it may seem lazy, it was in actuality an attempt to cure my laziness. Over the course of my college career, I have based many of my projects on my own personal bias, and as such defended it blindly. By choosing my project at random, it broadens my artistic vision by trying completely new styles, and gives me a new sense of what art is aside from simple words such as “like” or “dislike”. I know that in life, we can’t always pick and choose what we wish to accomplish, and that some tasks will be laid out in front of us with no choice but to complete them, whether we want to or not. With the “training” I received from this project, I will be able to get used to many different types of art, lack bias, and give individuality to each piece and substantially expand the content of my portfolio.

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