Bone Study Final Project

bone study

The skeletal structure of the foot intrigues me the most out of any other part of the body. The foot is the foundation of upright human movement, and without feet, unaided human mobility is nearly impossible. As a runner, I have injured a few bones in the past, and with this project, I wished to become enlightened as to what the X-rays have been focusing on. When I suffered from a stress fracture on my right toes roughly a year ago, it confused me initially how I still endured pain from my toes despite persevering to walk on my heels instead. I also suffered from a severely jammed toe about 3 years back, and I remember upon initial examination of my toe, I assumed there were only two parts of it, and that the front part had slid into the bone behind it. From this project, I received knowledge that the metatarsals (the toe bones) are among the most sensitive in the body due to the fact that they make contact with the ground constantly, and that the metatarsals in my toe stretched throughout my foot, and had a domino effect on the rest of my foot. The color scheme was done purely out of desire aesthetic, as I thought a black foot with a glossy shine on it would add sheen. I use my feet very often, as they are what help my “go with the flow” attitude, and this study has worked wonders in terms of letting me know how they work.

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