Self Critique

Over the course of the semester, I was initially afraid to continue in 3D due to my lack of success in modeling, however, I quickly learned the rules of animation and it helped me yield results I did not know I could muster. After each critique, I was informed of my flaws and worked ever harder to exclude them from the next project. The Bouncing Ball project, for example, helped me to include more squash and stretch, even the slightest amount, because animation is more than just objects moving. I feel like I improved in adding fluidity in my animations, as well as matching the key poses, as at first, I used to be off on my placement and timing. My eye for catching mistakes has also improved; I can notice flaws I did not see prior. I still need to work on exaggerating motions; my characters are still sometimes very stiff, and do not move as far as they should. Additionally, the weight behind each movement is something I need to improve upon, as I am not working with weightless characters. I know that a helpful key is balance, and I will take further note of this in the future. Being a “hands on” person, I will try to imitate the reference footage’s smaller aspects to get an increased feel of how the rig should be moving, and notice each twitch in my muscles while moving. For the future, I will also practice to incorporate IK mode in my work, because it was my weak point during the semester. I need to make it work for me.

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