Diverse Menu


For this assignment, the objective was to make a website in Dreamweaver with interactivity. Being a fan of food, I decided to make an interactive restaurant menu. The gimmick I went with during the creation of this site was the concept of looks being deceiving. You can choose from 3 varieties of dining, your type of environment, and see what each restaurant has to offer. Within the menu, upon clicking on the photos of high-class dining establishments, the food offered there looks repulsive, yet is offered at the establishment regardless. In comparison, the shady looking restaurants on street corners are low profile, yet the food there looks exquisite. This is meant to show that despite the so called “credibility” and “star-rating” of restaurants, it does not guarantee good food. You can go to your local burger joint and enjoy it more often, and in your eyes, it can be among the best things you’ve ever eaten. Simply understanding the basics of life and knowing that you do not have to let opinions of others speak is a way of life I follow, and with this assignment, I wish to have shed some light on the morals of others.

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