Gorilla Cabinet Rig


For this prompt, I randomly picked an animal and object to merge together. My result was a “monkey cabinet” hybrid, however, I took a spin on the concept and made it more of a general ape. This ape in particular has the arms of a gorilla and the tail of a monkey. The arms are capable of turning and grabbing onto the tails, which represent doorknobs, and pulling them open to reveal the insides. Regrettably, I was unable to have the doors open, but that is something to look forward to for another day. For my first rigging project, I felt proud of myself, as I went above and beyond on the number of joints and paint weights, with 58 joints to be exact. My goal from this point is to successfully rig a character or object, and have it move akin to the default rigs I have worked with in class. Rigging is very much an essential skill in the 3D industry, and I aspire to utilize it to the utmost ability that I can muster.

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