Self Critique Spring 2017

Looking back, this semester has been full of learning experiences across the board. The skills required for rigging have proved incredibly beneficial to my progress as an animator. Initially, paint weights took me a considerable amount of time due to having to always find every nook and cranny that had been highlighted unintentionally, but with further progress, I have been developing an eye for it. My first rig had a few issues with hierarchy, but now I know the differences between parenting and orienting, and the functions of each. I owe most of my progress to my new laptop and mouse, which allowed Maya to move faster and allow my mind to try to keep up more effectively. As for animations, using different rigs other than the Norman one I had grown accustomed to taught me that no one rig can be perfect for everyone, but the goal is to have one that works best. This is what I aspire to achieve in my current projects, as well as future projects, with simplicity and efficiency being top priorities. Each rig presents its own challenges and as an animator I am learning how to tackle each one and have it work to my advantage. I felt like I performed better on the Norman rig in lieu on the Morpheus rig, however,  I know that my level of mastery of Morpheus has a significant effect on my viewpoint.

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