Interactive Design Project 2 Draft


This is the beta version for my portfolio design.

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Artistic Inspiration

My chosen artist is Jim Zuckerman. Some of his works include land/cityscapes with a rather small degree of vastness. Here are a few selections (top row) that I saw fit to match my own photographic style (bottom row).


Photos from Jim Zuckerman from

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Diverse Menu

For this assignment, the objective was to make a website in Dreamweaver with interactivity. Being a fan of food, I decided to make an interactive restaurant menu. The gimmick I went with during the creation of this site was the concept of looks being deceiving. You can choose from 3 varieties of dining, your type of environment, and see what each restaurant has to offer. Within the menu, upon clicking on the photos of high-class dining establishments, the food offered there looks repulsive, yet is offered at the establishment regardless. In comparison, the shady looking restaurants on street corners are low profile, yet the food there looks exquisite. This is meant to show that despite the so called “credibility” and “star-rating” of restaurants, it does not guarantee good food. You can go to your local burger joint and enjoy it more often, and in your eyes, it can be among the best things you’ve ever eaten. Simply understanding the basics of life and knowing that you do not have to let opinions of others speak is a way of life I follow, and with this assignment, I wish to have shed some light on the morals of others.

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Interactive Design Webpage


This is my draft for my interactive restaurant menu.

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Re Upload Interactive Authoring Final

import ipcapture.*;
import gab.opencv.*;
import ddf.minim.*;
import ddf.minim.analysis.*;
import java.awt.Rectangle;

Capture cam;
OpenCV opencv;
Rectangle[] Faces;
Minim minim;
AudioPlayer sound1, sound2, sound3;
FFT fft;
PImage img1;
PImage img2;
PImage img3;
PImage img4;
PImage img5;
boolean newFrame=false;
int i;
int j;

int quantity = 300;
float [] xPosition = new float[quantity];
float [] yPosition = new float[quantity];
int [] flakeSize = new int[quantity];
int [] direction = new int[quantity];
int minFlakeSize = 1;
int maxFlakeSize = 5;
int startingTime;

void setup () {
size(800, 600);
cam = new Capture(this, 800, 600);
img1 = new PImage(80, 60);
opencv = new OpenCV(this, 800, 600);

img1 = loadImage(“ice-tissue-forming.jpg”);
img2 = loadImage(“icicle.jpg”);
img3 = loadImage(“warm.jpg”);
img4 = loadImage(“Fire Gif.gif”);
img5 = loadImage(“Sunlight.png”);

minim = new Minim(this);
sound1 = minim.loadFile(“Sound Effect – Strong Wind Sound Effect For Free.mp3”, 1024);
sound2 = minim.loadFile(“Sound Effect – Heat of Day.mp3”, 1024);
sound3 = minim.loadFile(“Sound Effect – Evil Laugh Sound Effect.mp3”, 1024);

startingTime = millis();
for(int j = 0; j < quantity; j++) {
flakeSize[j] = round(random(minFlakeSize, maxFlakeSize));
xPosition[j] = random(0, width);
yPosition[j] = random(0, height);
direction[j] = round(random(0, 8));

void captureEvent(Capture cam) {;
newFrame = true;
void draw () {

image(cam, 0, 0);
Faces = opencv.detect();

for (int i = 0; i < Faces.length; i++) {
fill(255, 0, 255, 0);
ellipse(Faces[i].x+100, Faces[i].y+100, Faces[i].width-30, Faces[i].height+40);

if (Faces[i].width <=40){
image(img1, 0,0,800,600);;
if (Faces[i].width >=40 && Faces[i].width <=68){
image(img2, 0,0,800,600);
if (Faces[i].width >=68 && Faces[i].width <=100){
image(img5, 0,0,800,600);
if (Faces[i].width >=100 && Faces[i].width <=160){
image(img3, 0,0,800,600);
filter(BLUR, 1.5);
if (Faces[i].width >=160){
image(img4, 0,0,800,600);
filter(BLUR, 2);;
if (Faces[i].width <= 60){
for(int j = 0; j < xPosition.length; j++) {
ellipse(xPosition[j], yPosition[j], flakeSize[j], flakeSize[j]);
if(direction[j] == 0) {
xPosition[j] += map(flakeSize[j], minFlakeSize, maxFlakeSize, .1, .5);
} else {
xPosition[j] -= map(flakeSize[j], minFlakeSize, maxFlakeSize, .1, .5);
yPosition[j] += flakeSize[j] + direction[j];
if(xPosition[j] > width + flakeSize[j] || xPosition[j] < -flakeSize[j] || yPosition[j] > height + flakeSize[j]) {
xPosition[j] = random(0, width);
yPosition[j] = -flakeSize[j];

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Gallery Write Up

On December 10, 2016, I went to the “Core Sample: Selections from the Permanent Collection” hosted by Alfred University. The gallery offered a variety of works from different eras of the past 100 years, and the three shown below are the ones that piqued my interest.


This sculpture is known as “Doll”, and was crafted by Michaelene Walsh in 1995. Using stoneware, wood, metal, and hemp, she was able to create an unsettling vibe upon looking at her creation. Despite not being proportional to a normal human body, a contrapposto stance can be seen, giving it a strange sense of sass, as well as some femininity. It’s desire to pose appealingly contrasts with it’s seemingly grotesque appearance and disfiguration. Due to the fact that it would likely be rejected if it were a normal human, this doll truly speaks the word “uncomfortable” to it’s viewer.


Anne Currier created “Inversion” in 1990, using glazed earthenware. It is a very smooth piece, reminiscent of desert sand, and allows the viewer to follow it around in circles. The soft color lets the viewer not get too disturbed with prolonged staring. It’s twists and turns gently bring the viewer’s gaze back to the center, and back around again. Although a ride for the viewer, normalcy is regained upon settling back onto the centerpiece.


This untitled piece by Graham Marks, made in 1976, uses unglazed earthenware to illustrate balance between two patterns. The innermost pattern creates a sense of depth in the center, and eases the eye with the pattern’s organized choreography. It can be seen as metaphorical to the earth’s core, as the pattern is a warmer color in comparison to the outside pattern, which can be seen as the crust. A cooler, earthy tone, the outer pattern is less organized, and is more random. While disorganized, it allows the eye to fill in the blanks of it’s texture, creating more balance.

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Self Critique

Over the course of the semester, I was initially afraid to continue in 3D due to my lack of success in modeling, however, I quickly learned the rules of animation and it helped me yield results I did not know I could muster. After each critique, I was informed of my flaws and worked ever harder to exclude them from the next project. The Bouncing Ball project, for example, helped me to include more squash and stretch, even the slightest amount, because animation is more than just objects moving. I feel like I improved in adding fluidity in my animations, as well as matching the key poses, as at first, I used to be off on my placement and timing. My eye for catching mistakes has also improved; I can notice flaws I did not see prior. I still need to work on exaggerating motions; my characters are still sometimes very stiff, and do not move as far as they should. Additionally, the weight behind each movement is something I need to improve upon, as I am not working with weightless characters. I know that a helpful key is balance, and I will take further note of this in the future. Being a “hands on” person, I will try to imitate the reference footage’s smaller aspects to get an increased feel of how the rig should be moving, and notice each twitch in my muscles while moving. For the future, I will also practice to incorporate IK mode in my work, because it was my weak point during the semester. I need to make it work for me.

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