A montage of myself, running across campus. I noticed a pattern in the amount of steps I took, and added repetition into to mix to create an ear-pleasing rhythm to follow.

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“Space Horror” Contributions

Seen here are images pertaining to what I contributed to the “Space Horror” project, primarily consisting of adjusting paint weights, and a few scrapped concept designs.

pw1pw2pw3pw4pw5pw6pw7pw8pw9pw10pw11pw12pw13pw14pw15pw16moncapMonsty sketch

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Student Worker Documentary


As a student worker, I wanted to capture, on film, everything that made working on campus worthwhile for me, as well as get input from other students on how they feel about it. Seven students were interviewed, as well as two adult staff, and they gave their two cents on the overall experience of having a job, as well as juggling the ordeals of being a student in college.

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Day 1 Check In

My progress for the first day of work. This is a concept drawing of the monster that will be appearing in the game. It is a mixture of Chutulu, an antlion, and an octopus. Its four limbs are meant to grab prey from above and crush it, while the tentacles are there to pull the food into its mouth to feed.

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Documentary Project Intentions

My intentions for this project are to capture what it’s like being a student worker on campus. Students here at Alfred State each have their own set of obstacles, and many have taken it upon themselves to add to them if it means having a greater amount of work experience, more money in their pocket, or whatever else the reason could be. Having a job on campus myself, I can relate to these issues as well, however, my experience is limited to a single place, the coffee shop on campus. Listening to and understanding the scenarios, dilemmas, and experiences of every student here at Alfred State will hopefully give myself and the viewing audience a greater sense of community and gratitude.

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Audio Re-Dubbing Project

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Repurpose Project

I have never seen Pulp Fiction before, in fact, I found this clip while searching for Nicholas Cage clips, but I ended up falling short in my search. This clip is regarded as one the most famous and serious-toned scenes in cinematic history by many, so I decided to have some fun with it. On a comedic whim, I took the serious aspect out of the equation bit by bit by placing pop music after loud sound effects such as gunshots and table crashes, and having them synchronize. I chose songs with very loud parts that pick up that are meant to catch the listener’s attention. The chosen songs in particular are known for being in a generally positive and well-known, and are the type to have people laugh rather than acknowledge them as good songs. I felt that the contrast between the music and scenes were utilized effectively and throw the viewer off accordingly.

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