Web and Mobile Draft




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Art Site Draft



The link to the draft of my art site for Interactive Design.

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My first production for Production 2, entitled “Notification”. This short is meant to show the possessive nature of social media, and the thirst for acceptance through “likes”, rather than personal interaction. The main character wears white to represent himself as untainted and pure, while everyone around him is consumed and in black clothing. There is a lack of dynamism and color in his life, and when he comes across those who use social media, they give him a glimpse of the color he is missing. However, the gimmick in this is that he does not actively desire social acceptance through likes, rather, it just gradually consumes him the more he is exposed by it.

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Art Influenced Inspiration

My artistic ally is Sam Taylor Johnson, a video/photographer. Her works primarily consist of people discovering and acknowledging themselves, with a deep, personal meaning. These people become consumed with things that, while small when separated, become larger in meaning when interacting with the other subjects the way that they do. I find this similar to my own work, which uses color and symbolism in conjunction with my own personal feelings. The human connections that she uses have drawn me in, and encourage me to use other people in my works and get to know them in order to convey their feelings as well.

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Gallery 1: Cristina Córdova


On February 2, 2018, the Alfred Art Walk featured a gallery showing by Cristina Córdova at the Alfred University Ceramic Art Museum. This gallery was named “Jungle” and showcased many works of art consisting of themes such as “power” and “nature”. The artist’s inspiration for these works stem from her homeland of Puerto Rico, and the social, political, and environmental issues occurring there.


One display that stood out to me was entitled Del balcón, made in 2017. This piece was created using ceramic materials and steel, with the steel being used for the balcón, or balcony, and ceramics being used for the woman’s body and the plants surrounding her. The woman’s pose is very powerful, and stands out even more while being surrounded by the prickly plants on said balcony. The woman sculpted there appears unfazed by the environment, and in fact, embraces it, letting it surround her essence. This seems attack the destruction of nature occurring in Puerto Rico today, by showing that it is not harmful to their society and one can stand high up, and achieve greatness by cooperating with their environment.


The primary piece on display, for which the gallery is named, is named Jungla, made in 2017. A young woman is seen in a jungle environment, made from glass, and wearing a simplistic tank top and skirt, looking as though it was sewn domestically. It has her standing there, enveloped in the glimmer of the forest-covered glass, beautifully shifting the focus onto her. Similar to Jungla, it demonstrates power outside of a society, and magnificence in the beauty of nature.

As for myself, the socio-environmental themes that Córdova expresses speak to me in such a way that it encourages me to take my own personal issues, particularly ones from my own homeland and experiences, and express it in forms of art. It is something I have been attempting to do for some time, with a recent project based on the bridges of New York, my hometown. Another project of mine is about of a gang member who has committed a murder, akin to the behaviors of those in my own neighborhood. Córdova uses ceramics to give her expressions physical form, and as for myself, I wish to do the same. Be it video or animation, I wish to also show the trials and tribulations of my environment.

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Photo Gallery Draft 2


Instead of being dependent on different shades of green, I chose to compliment the photos in the gallery with colors close to the ones displayed in the image, as well as using a opaque version of the image as a background.

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Photo Gallery Draft 1


A draft of an image gallery made for web layout. This gallery is of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, NY, New York. It utilizes a grey and green layout to give the page a highway-esque feel.

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