Baboon Pre-Production Concepts

  • Baboons of an olive green/yellow color (some variants)
  • Non-predatory
  • Groom in spare time, social interaction
  • Can harass people for fun, jump on cars, non violent



(133, 128, 58) olive baboon hair color


(77, 77, 77) face color


(255, 131, 0) eye color


(255, 182, 193) butt color


(204, 204, 0) yellow baboon hair color





#b4dbf8 savannah environment colors




You’re an adventurer in the wild African Savannah! You come across a colony of olive baboons! Study their movements and behaviors and take pictures. See what wacky things they can do!


Structure of the baboon


Triangular eyes

Blocky face

Rounded snout

Blocky shape of hair

Larger upper body

Small and lean lower body

Rounded legs

Squared fleshy buttocks


Arched back

Skin, face, hands, feet all one color dark enough to pop but light enough to see features.


Baboon Profile2

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Video Art Piece

An abstract piece based on contrast. Take what you will from it, as there are many subtle concepts to interpret from this video. I recorded this freely, letting the visuals act on a whim.

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Cider Design Sketches

Some sketches for what the new design scheme for the Cider Creek company should be.


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Video Art Influence

The theme I am choosing for my video art piece is “separation”. I am choosing this in order to show different variations of contrast, be it in color, sound, symmetry, and the like. While watching many different video art pieces, the thought that came to my mind was how they all came together to form a unison in the whole. My objective is going to be to try to change that, to have the part of the video refuse to conform with each other, in order to see what effect it has on the audience’s viewing pleasure, as well as what it could refer to in the real world…

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A montage of myself, running across campus. I noticed a pattern in the amount of steps I took, and added repetition into to mix to create an ear-pleasing rhythm to follow.

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“Space Horror” Contributions

Seen here are images pertaining to what I contributed to the “Space Horror” project, primarily consisting of adjusting paint weights, and a few scrapped concept designs.

pw1pw2pw3pw4pw5pw6pw7pw8pw9pw10pw11pw12pw13pw14pw15pw16moncapMonsty sketch

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Student Worker Documentary


As a student worker, I wanted to capture, on film, everything that made working on campus worthwhile for me, as well as get input from other students on how they feel about it. Seven students were interviewed, as well as two adult staff, and they gave their two cents on the overall experience of having a job, as well as juggling the ordeals of being a student in college.

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